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At Nelayan Merdeka Walk

Jd anak gaul medan dl cuy, biar sah abis ini beli gantungan konci yg tulisannnya “ini medan, bung!”. 😝 – at Nelayan Merdeka Walk with Farina – See on Path.

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Small Talk, Big Deal

after a long day of work what do you need most? Are you sure it’s a hell time of rest? Don’t u need something more than just cure fpr physical consequences? That your brain -which drives all your nerves and moves your muscles leaind no-ending instruction of body moves- deserves a feed more than anything?
sometimes the feeling of tired is only going on here (pointing at head), you know? So. your body needs water, oxygen, carbohidrate, to start up the next day all fresh, but… Have you ever thought of what happen, or what may happen if u do all the body feeding after consuming some anti-toxic for the majesty Brain? All things get bloody hell better. let me help you construct the idea.
So. You have this Windows computer. after formulating what u type and what u instruct him to do. perhaps a yearly financial report. U want to end his misery by turning it off while u have ur coffee time. Rather than clicking the “x” button in the excel window, and other applications, then click the “start” and go to “turn off”, you fast forward all the steps needed to be taken by just pull out the CPU cable so all the sophisticated machine turned off. Does ur CPU take some rest? Yes. does the loading session thereafter goes well? No.
That’s what i’m trying to pull out of yourself, hard worker. Sometimes your brain should be the first consideration of your fatigue teraphy. Sometimes sharing how your day was, and laugh at the hardest part of the day as it’s a joke, and have someone saying you good night is perfect steps to shut your self up.
Isn’t it easy having small talk, companionship?

"The state of being nice is easy, isn’t it?"

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When I eat






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People say the best jewelry is grandma’s.

Well, the barbie’s house’s been ours from 1997. Neglected and dirty. Then with a single swap of broom and soap (and some modified stuff), no need a fairy… voila! The new house was reborn and re-alive!

Happy 8th birthday, our lovely sister Nur Shabrina…


Ur family, Barbie, and Ken.

January 23, 2013.

Vintage prints for a vintage tour.

Exploring Old Batavia, Dec 2012.